Mopar OE turn signal switches for sale

Dan Stern writes: It’s taken a long time and a lot of work, but I’ve finally got ’em on shelf a couple days ago [July 2010]: brand new OE turn signal switches, newly made according to the Chrysler blueprints by an original supplier to Chrysler. These are not the Chinese knockoffs currently being sold by the outfit in Wisconsin, nor are they the crude, low-quality items Shee-Mar is now selling, and they are not the “can-be-made-to-work-if-you-trim-and-drill” later-model switches. They are the real deal, with the correct snap/click switch operation feel.

Two types are available: the kind with the flat spade terminals for ’62-’63 cars (part number 2258 700) and the kind with the box-and-point terminals for ’64-’66 cars (part number 2631 383 or 2822 170). Application is A-bodies, B-bodies, C-bodies, and Imperials without tilt steering column.

1962 - 1963 Mopar OE repro turn signal switch
2631 383 ’64-’66
1964 - 1966 Mopar OE repro turn signal switch
2258 700 ’62-’63
1964 - 1966 Mopar OE repro turn signal switch
2822 170 ’62-’63

Continue living with a loose and sloppy, worn-out old switch and wonder if your brake lights will work today, spend $140+ on the Chinese or Shee-Mar junk, spend $200+ on a new old stock switch ... or buy one of these new-new-stock switches off me for less than half that. I am shipping out of Seattle, WA. Please send me a PM if you'd like one: PM Dan for Mopar OE repro turn signal switch Put ’62-’65 Mopar switch in the subject of the mail.

Updated July 10, 2010, July 2, 2012

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